Palo Santo Cleansing

It’s a wonderfully warm autumn day where I am. The breeze is dreamy, the sky is a peaceful blue and tonight it will be bright and clear as great mother moon glides amongst the stars. I lit some Palo Santo smudge for a cleansing meditation to bring myself grounded space earlier today. It’s made me feel really light and clear, so I felt inspired to share this cleansing Palo Santo energy with you here….
Palo Santo Cleansing Meditation
Centre into peace and breathe deeply. Focus on the image of the palo santo smudge below. Visualise the sweet woody scented smoke flowing into your aura and cleansing your energy field. Let it clear away all blocks and stagnant energy. Allow yourself to release what no longer serves you and let the feeling of lightness and inner peace rise within.

Is there any area of your life that needs cleansing?

Then hold the intention of healing that situation or life area. Send cleansing palo santo vibes and white light to it. Visualise a positive shift in energy, both in yourself and in the situation, so that any blocks are lifted and things can move forward with ease and grace.  

May this Full Moon shine cleansing gentleness into your heart. 

The Candle and the Moon

When I was 16, on the night of the full moon in September, the first full moon of Spring like today, I lit a candle on the sill of my bedroom window. I wrote a list of wishes on a piece of paper, said some prayers for healing and blessings, then read my wishlist to the great Moon Goddesss as she glowed against the darkness, constellations of stars twinkling about her.

“A woman is a story of ebb

      and flow and the moon that comes and goes.” ~ Kelliana


I have no idea why I did that. At the time I had no knowledge of the Goddess, Moon magic or deeper spiritual concepts. Raised in a Catholic family, it felt kind of blasphemous on some level. Yet something in me felt compelled to do this, and as I did, I felt my heart fill with a special kind of peace. Perhaps it was because I’d heard that if you light a candle when you said a prayer, a new doorway in heaven was opened and the angels would carry your prayers and dreams and wishes closer to God. Perhaps something in me wanted to understand why the ancestors of my land believed that the moon embodied divinty. Or perhaps a timeless piece of my soul that was once a priestess in a pastlife suddenly remembered a glimpse of that lifetime.

I’ll never know the answer, but what I do know is that it was an opening – into a journey of self discovery delving deeper into my inner wilderness and an opening into seeking a deeper understanding of Mystery. I felt a shift in me and saw my inner strength grow. Opportunities opened up for me academically, a period of loneliness ended as I found new friends and a veil of depression that cloaked much of my adolescent years began to lift slowly.

So tonight, many years later, I will honour the same moon and her mystery. I will light many candles, bask in her healing glow, commune with the angels and make crystal and herbal elixirs. I will release blocks and negativity and I will give thanks for her healing.

How will you celebrate tonight’s Harvest/Sage moon?

full moon