When I Forget How to Love Myself

Morning stillness. Golden light. Peaceful trees. The calm around me seeping into my soul…A list of things that I’m grateful for today.

Slow mornings are therapeutic, and while I focused on what restores me earlier today, I spent some time making rose petal and lavender bath salts1 cup of coarse sea salt, 2 dried heads of rose petals and three sprigs of dried lavender.

Right now, the bath salts are soaking up the love vibes of the rose quartz/clear quartz crystals that I set around the bowl to charge it with healing energy. On some future day when I am depleted or I forget how to love myself, then I will draw a warm bath and sprinkle these bath salts in the water. I will soak in the love vibes and breathe my way back home to myself. I feel that it is good to have uplifting things to lean on when we don’t remember how to be strong.

Another thing that I’m also grateful today for is the opportunity to share my truth and my words. An article I wrote for Over the Moon magazine was published on their site yesterday. You can read it here: Need a Spiritual Mentor? Try Mother Nature.


Sending you love and peaceful Saturday vibes.