As the Wheel Turns

Monday blessings dear souls!

The wheel of life is turning and I’m feeling beautifully attuned to the flow of it all.

Finding the balance and peace of my centre isn’t always easy. I tend to frequently fall into pits of stuck-ness, getting caught up in cycles of negative thought patterns that I spend a lot time digging out of, trying to find my way back to the light and to my grounded self. But lately, things are moving with a new kind of ease for which my heart is so grateful.

I am feeling the presence of Spirit, of Goddess more strongly and I am finding it less of a struggle to stay connected to sacredness. Lessons of surrender and letting go of the struggle come hard, but right now I’m really witnessing the magic that happens when you give up the battle and just allow.

Simplicity and sacredness are at the forefront of my mind. Each day when I ask myself what I want to feel or invite into my life, these two words come to me immediately. So I’ve been receptive to the kindness of October that has brought me many moments laced with both of these precious gifts. A thread of stillness has woven its way into my days forcing me to be still, to rest, to breathe and to simply gather my energy for the things to come.

This ease of flow is not without touches of busy-ness. In between the pauses, I am knee deep in studies – Tarot Journey with Marissa Moondaughter, completing my Herbalism studies and I’ve just began The Captivate Program with Angela Raspass – all gifts that are enriching my mind and soul right now for I love the feeling of learning and seeing my inner world expanding.

Nonetheless, I just feel the need to be present with the magical essence that is growing within and flowing all around me to honour it and to express my gratitude for all that I have been blessed with. I know that soon there will be a quickening of energy that will whisk my back into action and backing into the busyness of doing. For now I just am happy to be moving at the pace at which the wheel of life is turning.

What space do you find yourself in right now as the wheel of life turns?

monday blessings