Guest Post: My Life, My Miracle by Radhika (Radzy) Cassidy

Today’s guest post is from  Radzy Cassidy. I met Radzy via facebook last year when we both did Doreen Virtue and Radliegh Valentine’s Certified Angel Card Readers Course. She is such a bright, loving and intuitive soul. I am always inspired by how this young lady has embraced her spiritual path and serves others by shining her light and spreading love. Here is what she had to share:

My Life, My Miracle

As soon as I had been asked to write a small article for the blog, it put me in a tizzy. It’s been about a year and a half since I started following the path I am on today. In this article today, I would like to talk about the beginning of my journey. Many childhood influences including my parents’ have helped shape what I am today, but I believe that the last year has been extremely instrumental in shaping me most. As a graduate from a school of Entrepreneurship and going into a possible Doctorate in Economics, I suddenly found life had other plans for me. My Master’s courses were definitely NOT what I was looking for from life and suddenly my ordered and calm life was in a riot. I did not know which way to go or what to do. The Masters classes continued and it further led me to believe that I was not going the path I was meant to. Earlier in the summer that year, I chanced upon browsing some angel card decks by Doreen Virtue in a friend’s home and was intrigued. When I got the chance in a few months after returning home and during my Master’s course I picked up a few of the decks in a bookshop. Not knowing what to do, how to read, what to expect, I simply started on my journey. If you ask me today on how I found my first ever angel reading page on Facebook, the answer is I don’t have a clue.

Jodi, asked me to describe a spiritual lesson from my life, and honestly I haven’t a clue what I can write about. All I can say is be open to the journey. If you asked me two years ago, I would have laughed and probably dismissed this whole idea of offering healing services and readings. But today, I see this as my present and future too. I see Energy healing as an important part of my life. And the only way I see this is because, I know I can do it. The lesson in life is to do something that your heart knows you can do. It is about getting rid of all those extra elements that do not believe in you. But more than that, it is about being open. I feel, so many of us are so happy doing things we do not like to do. And we become so comfortable doing those. And I think this whole idea of comfort, takes away our ability to do something extraordinary. So if I had to give you a lesson today, I would say, do something that makes your heart sing and makes you uncomfortable too. Or rather, makes people around you uncomfortable.

This whole journey for me has put me in such an amazingly uncomfortable place. Where I do not have any “job” yet and I have no idea when I will be professionally able to offer my services. After having finished school and sitting at home with my parents, I am pursuing something that I love. I laugh at how uncomfortable people get when asking me questions. It’s just the fun of it. So if, you have to do something, DO IT. If it challenges your planned and ordered and calm life, all the more reason you should do it. Life is about having fun, enjoying every bit of it. Learning and living is my mantra. There is no time for a sad moment.  People who make you believe that life is full of responsibilities, and tough moments, haven’t really got the hang of it. Life is meant to sing and to dance. To do what you love doing. It is important to remember that we are all children of the Light and only in this world for a limited amount of time. Our bodies have an expiry date, our Soul doesn’t. We grow, we learn and we live this life. We learn our lessons, enjoy the good times and remember that the Spirit is in all of us; in the plants, in the trees, in the animals, lakes, oceans and mountains. We are not different from one another. We are One.

And with this, I end my blog for today. Life is in your eyes, in your heart and in your hands. You have the ability to make the most of every moment you have. Do not believe in anything otherwise.

Brightest Blessings.


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