Stone Medicine: How to Make A Crystal Stone Circle for Meditation

I recently completed Stone Medicine, a crystal healing course as part of the training to become a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner with Moondaughter. Marissa, my mentor, offered the most beautiful description of crystals when she said that:

 “Crystals and stones are the bones of Mother Earth; she willingly fractures her body so we can heal and commune with her energy”.

The course was an incredible journey for me. I’ve been acquainted with crystals for many years, but have now learned to connect and work with them in a much more profound manner. It taught me that crystals have a far great consciousness and wealth of wisdom as well as healing energies than I’d imagined. 

While exploring ways of using for spiritual development of one of our assignments, I felt called to work with clear quartz and amethyst crystals. Strong guidance directed me to construct a stone circle with me crystals. I am fascinated with ancient stone ruins and circles. Visiting Stonehenge and the Avebury stone circles in England a few years ago was a very soul soothing experience for me that triggered a great sense of awakening. So the idea of constructing my own stone circle for meditation was a welcome opportunity to tap into a similar kind of energy.

Avebury Stone Circles
Pic: Avebury Stone Circles /Photographer: Jodi Sky Rogers


I constructed a stone circle in my therapy room using 13 crystals, one for each of the 13 moons. I set a large quartz crystal to hold on to while meditating, some Cypress twigs, a meditation cushion, quartz crystal charged sage spray, a candle and my journal in the centre with me. When I sat down to meditate, I was blown away at how sensitive I was to the crystal energy. The stone circle amplified the crystal vibrations and healing vibes. I felt a deep sense of calm and lots buzzing around my crown chakra. This heightened meditative experience brought with it an intense wave of intuition, clarity and creativity.

stone circle

If this stirs your interest, here is a guideline on how you can create your own crystal stone circle for meditation:

  1. Select the crystals that you wish to construct your stone circle with. You can either choose crystals that you like working with, or select them intuitively by choosing the ones that call you. How many crystals you use is up to you. You may choose four crystals, one for each of the four directions; five crystals to represent the elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit, 12 crystals for the 12 solar months of the year or you could choose one crystal for each of the 13 moons as I did.
  2. Programme your crystals. Doing so helps optimise the healing powers of your crystals. Sit with your crystals, connect with them intuitively and set your intentions for how you wish to use them.
  3. Now find a convenient place to construct your stone circle. Set down you meditation cushion. If you like you can light a candle or gather together any other resources you would like to use for your meditation. Sit down comfortably and centre yourself into a peaceful state.
  4. When you are ready, start laying the crystals down one by one in a circle around you. Make sure that you leave enough space around you for movement and comfort.
  5. Resume your meditation. Take deep breaths. Feel the gentle peaceful energies of the crystals. Notice any sensations in your body and auric field. Pay attention to which chakras you sense the crystals working on. Allow their energies to integrate with your auric field.
  6. When you are ready to end you meditation, remember to ground yourself and come back into your body.

Enjoy the experience! ❤