Surrender. Flow. Trust.

The wind howls. Leaves and dried petals begin to fall, quietly announcing a slow decent into the dark season. Already the day lit hours seem to be shrinking as night arrives slightly sooner than it has been for the summer. It’s one of those gloomy overcast mornings.

Questions stir in my mind.

‘What does it feel like to be a leaf released into the wind, free to blow where destiny guides it?’

Or a seed? Or a feather?

Drifting, falling, floating. But all the while knowing. Knowing that all is as it should be because you are flowing to where the Universe needs you to be in the context of this incredible web of life. There is a certain sureness and freedom about it. A wildness.

I meditate on that essence, wondering how I can create more of it in my own life. The answers seem simple. Almost too simple.

‘Surrender. Flow. Trust.’

And so that is how I will live today – surrendering to what is, flowing to where I need to be and trusting in the process.