Great Mother Nature is a Master at the art of surrender.

She knows when to let go, when to give in and when to trust and flow with the will of Spirit. She never holds on to what is no longer necessary. Always accepting that what she no longer needs will be of service to another in some significant way.

And so, through this surrender, the raindrops that fall from a dark cloud quench the dry earth, the feather that falls from a bird’s wing becomes a sign from heaven to the woman whose feet it lands at and the leaves that fall to the ground become food and raw materials for the compost making earthworms.

Today, I take this lesson into my awareness.

I surrender to each moment.

Releasing what has been before. Yesterday is no more. Past mistakes have been spiritually composted into today’s lessons.

I surrender to what is.

As I do, the struggle to shape and control the form of my reality shifts. I sense myself breaking free. As I surrender, my Spirit swirls in its dance partner – the Universe. Grace and peace of mind enter. I am reminded that with surrender comes the delicious taste of freedom. 

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