Yarrow Tea Meditation

It’s a beautiful warm summer evening, no rain for the first time in more than a week. I decided to sit out in the garden while the sun faded, sipping some yarrow and borage tea. I love that these herbs are fresh from my garden. Yarrow has been my prominent plant ally for 3 months now. This magical herb is my companion in forging a deeper understanding of plant medicine and connecting with nature intuitively. These helpful skills have added a profound new dynamic to my herbalism training.

As a tea enthusiast, studying herbalism has made my daily tea drinking ritual so much more of an adventure. I’ve had the greatest experience experimenting with interesting blends of herbs that I pick from the little apothecary garden I’ve co-created with Spirit.

One thing that I love about my tea ritual is that it allows me to imbue a potentially mundane act with meaningful intentions. This week, I was reminded of that when learnt another lovely tea ritual in the Luna Flow e-course that I’m participating in. The ritual involves infusing the energies of the elements and Spirit. Needless to say, I look forward to the mindful pauses to sip herbal concoctions in stillness even more these days.

The opportunities to do simple things like this – to make an everyday activities sacred, however ordinary they may be, leaves me with a soft and grateful heart. Life is indeed what we make of it, and when we bring awareness and appreciation into the moment, anything can become beautiful or significant.

This Fortune Teller’s Tea Cup is totally on my wishlist (Pic Source: Danmalateas.com)