How to Fill Your Own Cup: 3 Rituals to Restore Your Soul


Waxing Moon.

Quench your thirst. Restore your soul.

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How do you fill your own cup? When your body is aching and your heart is empty, how do you reach beyond that place of depletion to restore your tired soul? When the world has disappointed you and you lose sight of your path, how do you carve out the space to come home to your sacred self?

Our modern world is made up of over-scheduled and frenzied lifestyles, so much so that it becomes difficult to heed the heart’s call to slow down. It’s so easy to give to others – to pour your heart, your love and your entire being into the things they need of you or into the tasks that demand your time. But when it comes to filling your own cup, does the giving come as easy? Too many of us put ourselves last, often at the expense of our own well-being. In the end, the ‘deep river within’ (as Abby Seixas describes it) runs dry.

Despite the fact that words like ‘self-care’ and ‘self-love’ have become common place, the deeper I go into conversation with women, the more I see just how many of us are still begging for permission to care for and restore ourselves. It’s a common theme that seems to crop up around this time when so many reach the end of the year feeling overwhelmed, overworked, completely depleted and desperate for a break from life.

We constantly need reminders that ‘Me-time’ is a necessity, not a luxury. Creating breathing space is not just an act of self-love, but also a means of self-preservation. It serves your well-being and your highest good, which in turn sets up a positive effect that trickles down into your work and relationships.

With this in mind, here are three ideas for simple + soulful self-care rituals to nourish and refuel your soul:

The Cup of Restoration: Create a list of things that you need to fill you up: Things that restore you, things that help you breathe easier, things that make you feel supported, things that inspire your and things that bring you joy.  Write each individual item on a small piece of paper and then place the bits of paper in a cup. This is your cup of restoration. Visit your cup once a day (or at least a couple of times a week) and pull one piece of paper out. Then do that one thing to nurture your soul and fill your own cup. Keep refilling your cup of restoration from time to time and make sure that it stays full of ideas and prompts to nurture your soul with.

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 A Cup of Light: Get yourself a teacup candle (or simply place a small candle in a teacup if that’s easier). Light your teacup candle once a day and take some time out for yourself. Meditated, unwind, listen to soothing music, read something that you love or just do something fun and relaxing. Do whatever makes you feel most nurtured.  When you feel you’ve had enough breathing space, then blow the candle out. Return to your cup of light daily to for some time to yourself.

A Teatime Ritual: A teatime ritual is one of my favourite daily practices. For this ritual, make yourself a pot of cup of your favourite tea either in the morning when the world is still calm and slowly waking up, in the late afternoon or at night when you have a moment of quiet before bed. If you like, you can light some candles and just find a quiet spot in your home where you can be alone for a little while. Or you can find a relaxing spot in the garden, surrounded by beauty. Sip your tea mindfully, taking in the aroma and taste. Feel yourself relax, breathe easier and visualise yourself quenching your soul’s thirst for replenishment and your inner well filling up with each sip that you take.

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Tea Crafting in the Moonlight

I am told that tonight’s full moon in Taurus highlights our need for security and home comforts. Today is therefore a time for stillness, pampering and according to“a time to connect with the nurturing and supportive energy of Mother Earth and remember the peace that comes when we simply take a moment to breathe deeply and enter the stillness.”

I am certainly feeling the need for some quietude, rest and perhaps a walk in nature to relax my soul before tonight’s full moon ceremony.

Last full moon, I sat in the garden under the glow of Grandmother Moon. A candle flickered beside me while I tied together five sticks to craft a pentagram. I imagined streams of moon beams and Goddess love being woven into this little creation as I put it together. The inspiration to make one came about because several months before I had a dream about walking in a forest collecting sticks and fallen twigs to make a pentagram with. So when my husband and I escaped to a wood cabin on the edge of a forest in July, I collected fallen sticks from the forest floor when we went for daily walks. I’d been holding on to them for a while, waiting for the right moment to make it. That moment seemed to arrive last month as the Blood moon rose against the night sky.

It felt good and somehow familiar, as though a piece of my timeless soul was reconnecting with a forgotten place or time. As a result, I’ve decided to find ways to include similar creative activities that allow me to waeve threads of wildness, sacredness and my intuitive feminine essence into my full moon ceremony.

So tonight, in addition to releasing blocks and examining my ideas of what security, feeling safe and being supported means to me, I’ll be tea crafting, making new batches moon energy infused soul soothing blends, mixing together black tea leaves and dried herbs from the garden. Taking inspiration from Lindsay Luna of Danmala Tea, also I’ll be making to make a tea mandala in addition to my usual tea meditation ritual. I loved what she shared in her Tea Mandala ebook and am looking forward to trying my hand at crafting my own. The tea enthusiast in me feels fed when exploring daily tea rituals and meditations in new ways.

How are you observing the full moon?

Wishing you love, light and mystery with whatever you do.