Cold Kiss

I love the cold kiss of mid-Autumn against my skin when I greet the garden in the dim light of dawn. The crispness of the early morning air makes me feel alive. I can feel its coolness filling my lungs as I inhale.

Already winter is sending whispers of its impending arrive. I know that as the days go on, I’ll find it harder to keep to my morning ritual of meditating and journaling in the embrace of Mother Earth as the sun slowly rises. Steaming cups of herbal tea and warm fluffy throws are swiftly becoming welcome companions.

Over the past month, I’ve enjoyed the wild whispers and the sights of Lady Autumn’s flowers, grasses, butterflies, shedding bark, birds and falling leaves. As Mother Earth changes her clothes to dress (or undress) for her waltz into winter her in the Southern Hemisphere, I interest to see how she will transforms herself and what new wild stories she will bring my way.