Wild Words for the New Season

Equinox blessings to you all! Autumn or Spring, wherever you are – may this shift usher a flow good energy into your life.

Equinox Meditation Alter
All month long, I’ve been working with the vibration of Spring flowers, drawing on their inspiration, beauty and healing qualities, making sage flower essence, drying flowers for tea and many things more. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that my equinox meditation alter is mostly made up of flowers too – along some seashells, a medicine bundle of sorts and a beautiful little Spring Equinox artwork print by Caroline GullyLir that I got at the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury. I want this meditation alter to be a vibe trigger that inspires thoughts of life, growth, celebration and vibrant health, especially vibrant health. This something I seem to be struggling to give myself right now because I’ve been slipping back into unhealthy habits that are not good for my body at all. I’ve made this equinox a fresh start, an opportunity to eat well, love myself, honour my body and make healthier choices one day at a time.



Spring Wild Word Mantra
My wild word mantra for Spring was inspired by the delicate beauty of freesias. I love the sound of the word freesia. It reminds me of childhood when this flower’s name passed from my grandmother’s lips from time to time. Back then, I’d never heard anyone speak of them, except for her, the passionate gardener whose talent I aspire to live up to someday. Freesias are so dreamy, dainty and have a delicious honey scent. I couldn’t help brushing their soft creamy petals every time passed them in their vase and then just sniff in their sweet honey-laced aroma.

The wild words that came from the freesias are: Sweet(ness), Delicate, Smile, Simple Pleasures and Beauty.

My Wild Word Mantra: When I smile and celebrate the beauty of the season, I awaken the delicate parts of my soul to simple pleasures and the sweetness of life.


Dear hearts, I’d love to hear from you. What is the energy of the Equinox stirring within you? Have you made a seasonal meditation alter? Have you experimented with wild word mantras and if so what came up for you?