Floating Freely: Meditating on the Spirit of Water

Don’t you love those moments that remind you that Spirit is everywhere?

Yesterday, when my husband and I spent the afternoon swimming to cool off from the summer heat, I ended up doing a meditation.

I lay floating on my back in the water. Looking up at the sky, the clouds drifted slowly. My thoughts drifted with them, evaporating, until eventually my mind was empty. Attuning to the movement of the water around me and the clouds overhead felt so liberating. Allowing my body to glide freely, I listened to the sounds of the water, its music resonating gently in my submerged ears. There were moments when it was as if the sky and the water became one, and I was moving leisurely in a spacious fluffy void.

The soothing feminine energies of water bodies are therapeutic. They feel familiar, safe and natural somehow. Perhaps it is linked to our subconscious memories of the womb or perhaps it is something to do with a cosmic consciousness traced far back to our origins in the ocean of creation at the beginning of time. Perhaps it is simply the mermaid soul in me.

Whatever it is, it makes me strongly aware of the responsive energy embodied within this aqueous medium.


“I believe that water is a living consciousness that has been with us since the beginning of time. It flows through us connecting us to it and each other.” ~ Louise Tarrier


It flows, cleanses, soothes, shifts, heals and teaches. It holds memory of both the present and ancient long forgotten times.

It captures the essence of the ebb and flow of our own energy, moods and emotions.  

It is alive with Spirit, with consciousness and the Goddess.

So by floating and allowing myself to be, I was mindful of Spirit around me in the water. I was mindful of that fact that Spirit is everywhere, without and within. And Spirit felt like fluid, free, light, graceful and unrestrained.   

What reminds you that Spirit exists in and around all things? How do you find ways to feel connected to all that is?

Pic via Pinterest:http://tinyurl.com/mgwk4tp