A Moment of Waxing Moon Magic

The moon lies still, glowing against the indigo sky. A flock of birds are out in full force under the waxing moon tonight. They are feasting on the flying ants after the evening rains.

Moments like these remind me of excitement of childhood summer evenings. Back then it was easy to live in awe and wonder of the world.

I become aware that this instant is an opportunity to be present. An invitation to watch the mystery of the world that comes to life after the sun goes down. It reminds me that rekindling my sense of wonder is easy to do when I open my eyes to the sacred thread that weaves itself through all experiences.

In an instant, a fairly mundane day is transformed by a brief moment that makes the magic of the Universe feel more real.

Source via Pinterest:http://bit.ly/18GoWSz
Source via Pinterest:http://bit.ly/18GoWSz