The Moon and Wholeness

Is a crescent a broken moon?
The moon is always WHOLE,
even when parts of her fade into the darkness.

And so are you.

Like the moon, at the centre of your being is a loving light that will always guide you back to wholeness. Perhaps this is the gift that mother moon offers – a lesson of finding the light in broken times of darkness and how to weave ourselves into glowing masterpieces. With this in mind…

Let us plant seeds for wholeness this New Moon, and as the great mother moon swells with light and grows in her journey to fullness, may your tender heart fill with loving light and may you return to wholeness too. 


The Wholeness of the Wild Sea

(Note: I’ve been revisiting some musings I wrote in my journal when I last visited the coast. These pieces capture my meditations on themes of brokenness and wholeness. A few days ago, I shared the an excerpt from these musings in the blog post The Beauty in Broken Pieces. In today’s post, another titbit.)


After last night’s rain, the sky is a patchy tapestry of pale blue and fluffy grey clouds. The once stormy black ocean now glistens like sheets of molten gold. The world has transformed itself into a new day.

What did it have to lose, surrender and release for it to be so? What did it have to gain, accept and carry forward for it to be as it is now?

We will never really know the wild magic of night that unfolds while we sleep. Our minds know only what we see. I guess that is the gift of living from the heart, because the wise heart knows the unseen. It taps into mystery. It seeks out beauty and sacredness. It intuitively traces pieces of wildness along unseen paths to secret worlds of deep and feral magic.

That place within us, the heart, the wild essence, knows the transformative path that the black night ocean has had to take to become the illuminated body of light that I see on the horizon. And it knows too, the path that our own souls need to take from dark and stormy places of brokenness to the healing light of love.

Each droplet of ocean water has had to be open and willing to allow the rays of sunlight to enter its body and become illuminated. Each ocean droplet is a piece of wildness intuitively called to gather the light to become a seamless glimmering ocean – one body, one life, a million pieces of wildness dissolving into one light of wholeness.


The Beauty in Broken Pieces

(*Note: Something I wrote several months ago when I visited the seaside)

I’ve been searching for shells since we got here. I’d imagined that I’d find beautiful shells, lovely smoothed pebbles and silky grey driftwood just like the ones I usually find at other beaches, but instead there have been very few in sight. All I’ve found has been broken bits of seashells, tiny and smoothed.

At first I was disappointed. Then this evening I wondered…What if this is what the grand wise ocean wants me to receive right now? What if these tiny bits of seashell are a mirror of the broken bits of wildness that the great mother is returning to me – fragments of a shattered whole that needs to be put back together?

We search for beauty in wholeness, but there is beauty in broken fragments too, and the treasure in these pieces is the journey we walk when we slowly glue them back together. Maybe what we piece back together doesn’t become a perfect picture of what the original once was. But then again, maybe the point isn’t to recreate that and instead it is to find new ways to put together something new – a mosaic of wild shell pieces that represent a new way of being.

Brokenness brings growth and evolution, so when we patch ourselves back together, then it is important to allow the skins of our souls to take new form and become what it is now, not what it was once was. Not who we are told she should be.

This is how we heal. This is how we grow.