What is Your Medicine?

The rain is falling gently as I write and the distant rumble of thunder sounds in the background. How these healing waters soothe me! They are like soft Goddess kisses falling from the grey sky, sent to fill my heart with joy. For the last few of days I’ve surrendered to my spirit’s urge to walk out into the garden in the midst of the late spring showers, wet grass beneath my feet. Just to feel the cool drops fall on me. Being washed with the cleansing tears of the Earth is such a sacred way to honour the light of a new day.

This morning, I set my meditation cushion out on the stoep (porch/veranda) to watch the rain. I spent a few moments mindfully drinking buchu tea and reading from Mary Oliver’s House of Light. Then I drew an oracle card and found myself dissolving into the peaceful essence of mystery as I called out to the Goddess, meditating on what guidance she had to offer. I drew the Medicine Woman card and when I listened intently for the wild whispers that came, a question surfaced – What is your medicine?

 In my stillness, a soft inner voice responded – The wild Earth is my medicine. The healing rain. The quiet trees. Steamy cups of warm tea. The smell of cinnamon, jasmine blossoms and the subtle scent of chamomile is medicine. The sound of the ocean. The gift of words – written and read. Heart soothing poetry. The love of the Divine is my medicine. And allowing my fragile feminine soul to space to exist, breathe, create and take in the beauty of the world.

These are the things that nourish my soul, the medicine that brings flow, peace and freedom to my inner landscapes. These are the gifts that I heal myself with. What I’ve also noticed is that some of these are also the things that I inevitably integrate into the medicine that my inner Medicine Woman offers as services to the world for the healing of others.

What is your medicine?

Discovering what your medicine is valuable because it nourishes your wild essence. It is the balm that pieces the fragmented pieces of your soul back to wholeness. And what I keep learning over and over again is that what heals and nourishes you brings you closer to your authentic path. It informs your life purpose. And what heals you also becomes soul medicine that you share with others to help them nourish themselves.