Riding the Desert Wave

It feels like I’m living in a desert space lately. Hot. Dry. Dusty wind. A lot like the semi-desert parts of the Western Cape that I visited last December.

Week of a lingering heat wave…the rains should have come by now. Alas, still none in sight so I’ve had to find other ways hydrate my inner essence its soul soothing absence – swimming, jars of cold water with bits of lemon and strawberries and walks down to the river.

I can’t concentrate. This unrelenting heat has lulled me into a state of estivation. I’ve been hiding out indoors, where it is cool and the white sheer curtains dance in airy rhythms when the breeze flows in. Writing is slow, and I’ve shifted my attention to reading, researching and planning instead, so that I’m not completely idle. I keep wondering – if it’s this hot and dry in spring, then what does summer hold?

Mary Reynolds Thompson says that desert landscapes teach us about simplicity, clarity and emptiness. I can see how, because while I’m not in an actual desert, this extreme heat has got me shedding so many unnecessary layers. Layers of blankets and clothes, clutter in my home and all the unnecessary things and draining activities that zap my energy. I’m getting clear on what truly matters and right now what I need is cool uncluttered airy spaciousness to soothe my soul and fuel my work and creativity.

One thing I have been grateful for is that the heat has made it easier for me to serve my body  and work toward my goal of vibrant health. Simple healthful meals, smoothies, fruit, salads, lots of water…I’m feeling lighter and happy that I’m honouring my commitment to my body.

wedding pic on window sill

What’s happening in your corner of the Earth? How are the cycles of Nature shifting things in your life?

Two desert vibe inspired finds:

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