Going Back to My Roots

I knew that I was home when…

The scenery shifted from dry Highveld grasslands to rolling green hills. An air of mystery came alive. The mist and light Spring rain descended upon us while we cruised along the winding mountain pass. Cows strolled leisurely on the road before us, forcing us to slow down – a clear signal that to adjust to the relaxed pace of rural life. I was greeted with the all too familiar scents of indigenous forests, sugar cane fields, wild flowers and cow dung when I rolled down the car window. We passed a group of little kids collecting piece of burnt sugar cane that fell from a slow moving truck – just the way I used to when I was young. These scenes capture what life was like in rural KwaZulu Natal during the early years of my life. Each time I return to these parts, a space in my heart opens. Feeling so connected to bygone times, my childlike sense of wonder is reawakened.     



 I felt so blessed because…

I got to spend my weird and wonderful family, with my gran, catch up with my cousins and reminisce about our childhood. We gathered together as a family to honour and celebrate the memory of my grandfather and aunt who passed on a few years ago. It was an emotional, but beautiful experience – packed with great food, lots of laughs, meaningful moments, long walks and some fun games too. This is the stuff that precious memories are made of.


I was reminded that…

My passion for Mother Nature was inevitable. I was born a to be a flower charmed child and grew into a nature loving soul. My first playground was my grandparent’s jungle-like garden. Almost everything grows well in Eshowe. The humid subtropical climate creates a haven for both plant and animal life to thrive in. So my earliest memories are of running wild among the trees in the orange orchard, climbing the frangipani trees, picking ripe avocados, paw-paws, cherries and bananas, cracking macadamia nuts and picking coffee beans to be roasted. We grew herbs and kept chickens My cousin Justin and I played with frogs, explored the indigenous forests and waterfalls, chased the monkeys, dodged snakes and looked for crabs in the river. We were never bored. My grandmother has been a keen and resourceful gardener and herbalist for as long as I remember. At almost 80 years old, she is still at it – growing flowers, herbs, chillies and making killer pickles and chilli preserves.


 A small moment of Grace showed up when…

I made a bit of personal “pilgrimage” to visit the church that my grandfather built more than 50 years ago. Although the church is no longer being used, I was happy for the opportunity to sit in the pews, say a silent prayer and have a quiet moment of meditation. (more on this in an up coming post)


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