Into the Dark Night

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Sometimes the only way into the light is through the darkness. Our shadows can be scary. They show up in our lives as personal crisis – a breakup, a breakdown, a betrayal, a tragic loss. We all have those moments of deep pain stabbing into our hearts, that paralysing fear that suffocates you, the unbearable grief that numbs you or that ugly side of yourself that seems to keep surfacing because you just can’t control the anger, hurt or resentment.

Often our instinct is to run in the opposite direction. But sometimes the only away around them is to run right to them. Invite them to sit down with you for tea. Becoming at home with the darkness isn’t easy. We fear that if we surrender, it may take us a place, a black hole that will consume us completely. Yet, when you do just that – stop running from your shadows and look deeper into them – you allow room for grace to enter. Creating a space for your shadows in your awareness ignites a glimmer of light, shining like a bright angelic warrior swords that cut through the hardened walls you build around your heart.

Shadow work has been a major part of my soul’s lesson this year. I’ve been coming to terms with pain, working through feelings of betrayal and working to restore my health. Peeling away the layers of ‘stuff’ bit by bit and piecing together shattered fragments. Some experiences leave lasting scars that could take a lifetime to heal. As painful as each step can be, the more I unearth, the more profound the healing I experience. That is why when I stumbled across The Wild Mystics give away for their 6 week Into the Dark Night e-course, I knew I wanted in. I’m so keen on winning this give away, I”ve been doing all I can to gain moons (points). If I get a space in this course know that it won’t be all fun and games, but I have a feeling that it will be a pretty incredible journey that will bring me closer to my essence and enrich my life in so many ways.
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