Journeying by Moonlight



They fly straight into its blaze.They flirtatiously dance with candle flames. Crazed, they sometimes burn their wings. Why? Because moths rely on Celestial navigation. They are guided by the ever elusive moonlight. Electric light and flames distort their navigational senses.

Watching the moths on this warm summer evening, a question crossed my mind…

Do you sometimes fly into the light just as they do when you chase after things that you think you want, things that don’t necessarily resonate with what your soul desires?

Things that seem all glossy and luminous on the surface, yet, when you get them, that space in your heart is still empty because what you really wanted was not that new car, but freedom. You didn’t really want the perfect wedding, but the love, support and devotion of a soulmate. You didn’t really want the great job, but rather to live an authentic life doing things that fulfil you.

The moon is often revered as a symbol of feminine intuition, a deep inner knowing that informs your experiences in a profound way. When you journey by moonlight, you dig a little deeper to get to the juicy essence of what your Spirit wants to create in your life.

There are many ways to dim the distracting light bulbs and douse the flames in order to realign with the guiding beacon of your inner moonlight.

Oriah Mountain Dream speaks of one beautiful method that inspired her poem, The Invitation. Oriah peels away the layers of the superficial surface to get to the core of what the soul actually needs by saying:

It doesn’t really matter if I ever.(get that big dream house)What I really want is(a peaceful sacred space where I can retreat to each day)

Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map method is to uncover your core desire feelings. She suggests that you examine what you want to feel – peace, abundance, supported, passionate – and then use these feelings to inform your goals and how you live your life.

As you embrace or resist the of frenzy planning and goal setting for the year ahead, how will you sift through the bullshit and stay centred and connect to your own intuitive navigational system?

Whatever you choose, may it resonate with you. Carve your intentions and dreams around the quintessence of your Spirit. Soar in the night sky among the stars, always in alignment with the moonlight of your soul. May it be the light that guides your through the unknown and into a new tomorrow. 

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