Beauty, Sun and a reason to Celebrate

As winter sets in, I’ve been trying to fill my days with beauty, lots of warm sun and things that soothe my soul. It’s been a blessing to surround myself with things that make my heart beat faster, especially on days when the cold makes me want to just stay in bed.



Flowers, candles, cinnamon scents, chai tea and zesty citrus fruits have been warming my hearth and uplifting my wild essence in recent weeks. These are the layers I’ll be taking with me into the heart of winter. I love engaging my senses in this way. These things make me feel alive. My house is very cold. So, I also spend as much time as can sitting in the garden with my books or my laptop, sunbathing while I work.



I’ve also been celebrating something pretty awesome. As you may know, I’ve been pretty hard at work on my book. I’m so please to have finally completed the first draft. Now I’m getting ready for the editing phase which I anticipate will be somewhat of a lengthy process.  Regardless, I am excited to have reached this point. For years, I’ve had ideas that I started writing but never finished. Now, I’ve actually completed it. My husband has been an incredible sense of support throughout it all. I am so grateful to have someone so supportive and loving at my side, always cheering me on and celebrating each success.  I’ll be sharing more on this in the upcoming weeks.




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