Raise Your Vibration with Feathers

Greetings beautiful souls! After taking a bit of a haitus to working on editing and revisions on my upcoming book, I am slowly getting back on track. I hope to be sharing a lot more in the next few weeks. I’m planning some posts on spiritual lessons from the wild Earth, as well as taking a look at how to harness eco-intuition. In the meantime, since I haven’t posted on the blog in a while, I thought I’d share something from the Wild Spirit Whispers newsletters that I sent out a few months ago.

Raise Your Vibrations with Feathers

fowl feather

Sacred feathers drift into our lives as signs from heaven and symbols of hope. These mystical messengers are sent to teach, to guide and inspire us.

By attuning to the medicine of feathers, one connects to the lighter energies of the air element and the dreamy qualities that come with the art of surrendering, drifting and flowing in the breeze of life. Feathers hold within them celestial wisdom and the wild stories of the wind. They carry universal energy or threads of Divine Spirit, just as we do. One way to attune to the Divine energy within it is to sit with a feather in an open intuitive or meditative state. Feel into it and allow its essence to entrain with your auric field. The high vibrational vibes of these delicate messengers not only impart intuitive wisdom, but also raise your vibration. When you work with feathers together with crystals, their vibrational influence is even more powerful.

Different feathers carry different messages. Different coloured feathers work on different chakras. What I really enjoy about working with feathers is that they function as a bridge that strengthens my connection with the Angels, unicorn energies and the elemental realm.

Feathers whisper a message of freedom. What makes you feel free and wild and in the flow of things? They help you to rise above problems, barriers and boundaries. They remind you to lighten up, lighten your load, release baggage and to travel light through life’s journey. But they also remind us to pay attention to signs when we call out to Spirit for help and direction. These instruments of enlightenment remind us of the magic that manifests when heaven comes to Earth.



White Feather Meditation

Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Breathe slowly and deeply. Call on your guardian angel or any archangel that you prefer to be with you. The angel with you has a gift for you. They ask you to hold your hand out and place a large sparkling white feather in it. You feel it gently brush against the skin on your palm. The angelic white feather sends sparkles of white light into your auric field, raising your vibration. It fills your body with loving white light. You feel deeply connected to the Celestial realms, your angel and Divine Spirit.

Wild Whispers_feather sign

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