After the Storm…and Some Soulful Sunday Reading

Last night, the first proper Spring rains arrived, a few weeks earlier than usual. Before it started, I went outside and stood barefoot on the grass looking up at the grey night sky. I spent a few long moments revelling in the sense of mystery that hangs in the air before a storm. Little did I know that the first rains would arrive with a big bang of note – freakish hail storm and all! The hail stones were big and so plentiful that they covered the garden like a white blanket of snow.

This morning all was quiet and peaceful, like mornings after a storm usually are. Again, the aura of mystery was palpable. When I went out into the garden, my heart sank a little. I was somewhat unprepared for the level of damage done to my plant allies. I spent the morning cleaning up the herb patch, harvesting broke twigs of lavender, yarrow, stevia and chamomile so as not to let them go to waste.

And then I went about doing healing, drawing on my energy healing skills and connecting with the wild essence of each plant. I said a prayer for each botanic companion, calling on Archangel Raphael, the fairies and nature angels to bring them healing. I felt their strength and resilience, so I know that with time, each of these plant allies will be restored to their natural dignity. I know that such is the cycles of Mother Nature, but I felt a little sad about the trauma of it all. However, my faith in the garden’s renewal awakened a little more when I watched my dear friend, the weaver, rebuilding his nest after it was ripped apart by the storm. Life is irrepressible, and all of life finds a way to reclaim its place in the greater scheme of things. The idea of it restores my hope in my own ability to do the same too.

On a different note, I thought I’d also take this opportunity to share lovely blog posts that stood out to me this week some soulful Sunday reading:

Many of you may know that I’m a massive tea enthusiast. So I really enjoyed Danmala Tea’s latest blog post called Autumn.

Anne, over at the Little Forest Flower blog wrote a short but heartfelt piece called The Little Girl Within.

Danielle LaPorte’s blog post, Feeling Small, was a great pick-me-up that put problems into perspective.

I chose the colour green in Radzy’s interactive reading in her new post, Dancing with the Energy, and it just resonated with my so much.

Enjoy you Sunday ❤

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