Solstice Blessings

Happy Solstice to you all.

How are you honouring this transition of light and season?

Summer is in full swing here in the South, with its long sunlit hours, heatwaves and thunderstorms. There is something in the warm starry nights that wash waves of nostalgia over me. They trigger memories of a childhood filled with wonder. And I begin to crave the seaside so, for that is where I grew up. I suppose that the soul always craves the healing balms that it remembers.

This past week I’ve been fortunate to travel to the Cape with my husband and inlaws. So I’m grateful to spend this precious time and to have been able to get my fix of healing ocean, mountain and desert vibes. Rich in beauty and the vibrations of Spirit, these places stoke the fires of me wild essence so. My heart danced with joy when I walked the soft sandy shores and felt the waves rush over my feet. Right now I feel nourished, relaxed and in the mood to celebrate the fruits of 2014’s labour. And as the craziness and chaos of  family and festivities set in, I am reminded once more of the true importance of staying grounded in your heartspace, feeding your own soul and stoking your inner fires to remain nourished and whole during these times.

So I send blessings your way and hope that you will find ways to be nurtured, soothed and to lean into what your wild essence calls you to do to stoke those inner fires.




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