Welcome Sacred February

There’s always been something sacred about February. It’s my birthday month, the month that we celebrate love (I met my husband on Valentine’s day many years ago) and here in the Southern Hemisphere, Lammas is upon us. This signals beginning of harvest time. To me it’s also reminder to enjoy the last weeks of summer for autumn will soon set in.

So I’m taking the opportunity to honour what I have to be grateful for, to harvest the gifts that the Earth leaves at my feet and lean in to the sacred blessings that the moment has to offer.

What does February mean to you?

sacred february

2 thoughts on “Welcome Sacred February

  1. sarah

    February to me is generally miserable. It’s so hot – infact today, before 9am, I am absolutely sweltering, despite my windows and door being open. I do not enjoy summer.

    1. Jodi Sky Rogers

      Oh no Sarah, that’s a pity. Extreme heat can be a bit much at times. But I love both the hot and the cold seasons. I’m undecided on which I prefer. There’s always something in each season to fall in love with I guess.

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