Too Early to Wake Up

Full Moon blessings to you all!

“It is too early to wake up,” were my first thoughts of the day.

This is when I forced myself out of bed into the crisp new day. The sky was still a pale shade of grey-blue and the clouds painted themselves across the rising sun in the patchy pattern of a tortoise shell.

The garden was still fresh with dew, the grass a soft moist carpet beneath my feet. The sun trickled like streams of golden honey seeping through the trees. Like an enchanting watercolour, it painted the quiet spaces of the garden in soft magic and tints of light.

It is then, when it’s too early to wake up that I rediscover the pieces of wildness in me and in the still young hours of the day. It is then that the Great Mother wraps me in her gentle whispers and draws me out to bask in sacredness.

It is then that the elusive red-chested cuckoo from the river canopy down the road makes its way to hidden places in the garden trees to serenade the rising sun.

And the gossamer threads of spider-webs glimmer like pieces of the golden fleece.

And the Earth is alive, a vibrant Mother, sends pulses of wild energy into my body, grounding me, cleansing my aura and reaching into my heart-space.

These still mornings, when it’s too early to wake up are the invitations to enter wild worlds, even in the tameness of my garden.

These invitations work both ways, for as much as the Great Mother draws me out, it is important for me to leave room for wild worlds to enter into my own. Which is why I just love Mary Reynolds Thompson’s latest post and short writing prompt, Should My Fox Come Again to My Cabin in the Snow.

Also, I was pretty excited to have my guest post, Finding the kindness of the wild Earth, featured on the Kind over Matter blog last week.

houses on the hills2

5 thoughts on “Too Early to Wake Up

  1. sarah

    I am not a morning person but there is such quiet, wild magic in those first moments of the day. Beautifully expressed, and I love the photo.

  2. sarah

    By the way, I wanted to comment on your lovely post at Kind over Matter but it was just too difficult to leave a comment, their systems are quite complicated. I read it though and enjoyed it.

  3. Donna

    I needed this…I keep waking up far too early to get up, and not being a morning person I roll over and try, try, try to sleep…and then feel sluggish and cross with myself that I didn’t just get up and enjoy the early morning. Thanks for adding to the dawn chorus calling me to wake! ❤ x

    1. Jodi Sky Rogers

      Thanks for stopping by Donna! I am a morning person and although I do get out of sync and struggle sometimes (esp when my husband works nights) I always feel good, productive and spiritually connected when I’m in my early morning flow. It’s worth giving it a try. That said, mornings are not for everyone. So I hope that you find a rhythm that works best for you.

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