Silver Light and Evening Primrose Essence

A quiet calm lingers in the silver sky overhead. It’s still drenched in the soft touch of last night’s moonlight as the slow rising sun on the horizon gradually brings colour to the world. The chill in the crisp autumn air makes me feel alive and awake to the mystery of the world that is quietly unfolding before me.In moments like this, I gladly lend my heart to the Mother Nature and surrender to the caress of her wintry breeze. In return, she fills me with her wild love.

Last night, after a full moon meditation in the garden, I used the evening primrose and moonstone elixir that I made two moons ago to make an aura spray. I set the aura spray bottles out in the moonlight to soak in more Goddess energy.

Several weeks after making the initial elixir, I discovered that I’d instinctively harvesting the evening primrose flowers exactly as recommended (by a flower essence book I found) that night under the moonlight. After reading this, I wondered if perhaps these healing night flowers had guided me to do so intuitively. I’d been so drawn to them at the time and the idea of an unseen sacred communion having occurred renews my confidence in the depth of my intuitive connection to these plant allies. It’s reminded me of the kind of magic that happens when one flows with that wild inner knowing.

Evening primrose flower energy embodies a mothering essence that is great to work with for emotional healing and for opening up to emotional nourishment.  I look forward to seeing what working with these energies (combined together with the intuitive and feminine properties of the moonstone) will unfold and shift in my experience.

Wishing you a blessed and happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “Silver Light and Evening Primrose Essence

  1. Kate Rose

    …and a blessed and happy Tuesday to you too Jodi! Isn’t it wonderfully affirming when we realise that our intuition is guiding us in the right places? Thank you for your beautifully written words and a little further insight into the gifts that the Evening Primrose can bring us.

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