The Rising Sun Within

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.”

~ Albert Camus

There is a rising sun in my heart today, a glowing ball of light that’s shining rays over inner landscapes that have been cold and dark for a while. The sun feels warm, soft and golden.

I feel this gentle wisdom rising and I hear something saying that we all have seasons of the soul – winters, dry seasons, periods of sadness or moments when we feel stuck in a rut. Each serves its purpose, has its place and time, its lessons. Each highlights the emotions and shadows we need to work through. But when the dark season lingers for too long and we can’t see a way out…then remember the sun within – the warm empowering inner glow – and let it rise and bring the return of joy.

If not joy then at least a bit of light, a bit of warmth or a touch of comfort.

Let your inner sun soothe you, illuminate and guide you on your way to a positive space of possibilities.

I’m reminded once more that Nature mirrors what’s within us. Today, through the sunrise she is teaching me that I have an eternal luminous sphere of joy resting somewhere inside of me and that when darkness lingers, I need only be still and summons that inner sun to rise.

So, I close my eyes and let it rise and rise and rise inside me, yellow rays spreading to all the gloomy corners where self-doubt and fear have been lurking. I see these places brighten. I feel the heaviness in my chest lighten. Things look a different in this light, less ominous, more hopeful.

Do you know the magic of a sleeping land and sky that awakens slowly to the kiss of the sun? Close your eyes and let your inner sun rise.

sunrise at the forest

4 thoughts on “The Rising Sun Within

  1. sarah elwell (@knittingthewind)

    For me, the sun brings no comfort, and light no peace. I am in love with the nocturnal spirit of poetry. But other than that, I know just what you mean, and your wise gentle words are wonderful, beautiful. May you be blessed to truly know the light and warmth that radiate from you to touch our lives.

  2. Little Forest Flower

    I love this imagery, of a sun within. Light becomes very precious here, especially at the end of winter, when I grow tired of snow and dark days. We had a sunny day yesterday, and I felt bright, just like the world outside my window.

    I too feel joy can be like the sun, a light to carry within. Beautiful.

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