A Place of Graceful Flowering

Some days I feel so blessed to experience little pieces of wild heaven. Like a moment beneath the linden trees when the wind washes through them and their yellowed leaves flutter in frenzy. Or like the tranquil silence between each leaf dropping to the earth, falling so slowly and gracefully like pretty pieces of soul-touched confetti.

I sat beneath the trees and breathed this heaven in – the stillness, the peace and the soothing whispers in the wind. I breathed in the wildness of quiet trees whose voices land softly on open hearts when they dance in the autumn gusts, and I remembered that the mysterious force that weaves together sacred scenes like this is the very essence that weaves together breath and blood and soul in me, in us all.

I’m amazed sometimes how small moments like this, just sitting with the earth, can be gifts that remind me how to contact the mysterious sacredness within and guide my heart out of tension into a place of graceful flowering.

autumn kiss

3 thoughts on “A Place of Graceful Flowering

  1. sarah

    I have a special love for the linden tree 🙂 How wonderful that you have such a beautiful place where you can go to connect with wild peace.

  2. Little Forest Flower

    Beautiful. Sometimes it’s hard to put on a coat and go outside, but when I do, and I stay for a bit, something changes within me. It’s like I can hear my soul much more clearly between the earth and sky. And it sounds amazing to be sitting under a linden. I love linden, though I don’t know her very well. She seems rare here, or maybe she just grows somewhere else in the country where I haven’t been. But I do love her. Her sweetness, golden joy.

    1. Jodi Sky Rogers

      Thank you Anne. I know what you mean, but like you said, the moment you are outside something shifts. The lindens are lovely aren’t they! They aren’t indigenous here, they came with the British in the 1800s.

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