Jasmine Letter for Self Love

Something sweet and short for moments when you need to love yourself….

Get some pretty paper and an envelope. Write a love letter to yourself. Fill it with self-nurturing goodness and all the praise you’d love to hear.

Put a twig of deliciously fragrant jasmine flowers in the letter, fold it up and put it in the envelope. Keep the letter in a safe place.

When you feel low and need some love, get your letter out and read it. Each time you do, you’ll remind yourself of how much there is to love about you.

(from Flowering Within: A Journey to Feminine Healing & Grace)




Blushing Jasmine & some link love

I dreamt of jasmine the other day. Then yesterday I noticed my jasmine bush is blushing with pretty pink buds that will soon burst into bloom. Jasmine has a special place in my heart. Not just for its beauty or fragrance, but because it symbolises a bond with a dear soul sister of mine. My friend loves jasmine flowers. Back in our university days we would seek jasmine out on campus this time year, creeping along the hedges and secretly picking a bunch for her room. When I moved to the city, I’d pick the flowers wherever I could find them and send them to her in a letter. Now that I have some growing in my own garden, I’ll send her some once they’re in bloom. It’s a beautiful thing to have these kinds of precious connections with people.

Today is hot and dry and my airy lounge offers me refuge from the sudden wave of heat. After a productive writing session and a mid-morning nature walk, it’s the kind of day for sipping on cooling peppermint tea and reading leisurely into the afternoon.  So that is exactly what I am doing.

That said, this seems like a good opportunity to share some link love. Here are a few things I’ve enjoyed reading lately:

This poetic sea washed beauty from Kerrie – Fading and Withered

I loved these two posts from Asia of One Willow Apothecaries – Allowing on a Late Summer Day and Spring Ephemerals + the Magic of Vulnerability

How tranquil and beautiful is this lavender farm that Monica writes about in here latest post – Summer Impressions {Small Moments}

Suzi Crockford writes about The Great Conversation


How tranquil and beautiful is this lavender farm that Monica writes about in here latest post – Summer Impressions {Small Moments}