How Are You Working Your Light?

Plants are ancient healers. They came into being with a mission, a purpose – that is to thrive as a unique but still sacred expression of divinity, as well as heal and restore wholeness in us.

I imagine that when their seeds first fell upon the flesh of Mother Earth and they began to grow where she breathed love into them, this calling in their hearts was their compass as they prepared to journey towards the light.  And they got to work without hesitation, growing, channelling light and life-force energy from the Divine, from the Earth, from the sun, from within and transformed that energy into consciousness, healing and so many other gifts. Each has its unique properties and offerings – medicine, beauty and sometimes merely the therapy of their presence. We take this understated intelligence for granted.

Healing plants are light-workers centred in the knowing that we are each embodiments of loving light who are connected to a greater spiritual essence.

Working intuitively with plant allies has helped me see how much they have to teach about how to stay in a state of flow, how to choose the path of least resistance, how to surrender, how to honour the Great Mother and how to be of service. When I bare witnesses to the way that they often effortlessly grow, share their healing gifts, shine and work their abundant light regardless of the strife their journey may bring, I end up with this question swirling around inside me:

How am I working my own light? (in Rebecca Campbell’s words)

Asking myself that question – How am I working my light? – inspires me to be true to what my wild essence calls me to. It reminds me of the choice I’ve made in how I want to live my life and what I want to offer.

Dr. John Demartini says that the quality of one’s life is determined by the quality of the questions that you ask yourself. I feel that he is right, because asking myself this sort of question helps me shed the imaginary shackles in my mind and brings me back to what is important. It gives me a point of positive focus

When you need direction, clarity, or a bit of inspiration, it may be worth asking yourself the kinds of questions that cut through the bullshit and connect you with the guiding light of your inner wilderness. Even when the answers a simple ones only allowing you to take small steps forwards not fully knowing what lies ahead, in my experience that light bit of guiding light help me to create a sense of harmony within myself and move from one stepping stone to the next with peace of mind.

Dear hearts,

How are you working your light?

How are you honouring your wild inner light in your work?

How can you continue to walk away from fear-based living and toward an authentic heart-centred life that brings you peace and offers healing to others in the process?

Fresh Births and Purpose

Some mornings wear cloaks of silver dreams as they drift between the mystery of night and the azure skies of day. It’s a blessing to see time marching across the young sky like a newly hatched chick breaking through an egg shell. Births can be painful – delicate bodies bashed against jagged edges and bone as one tries to get to the other side. Or like little wild souls piercing through oppressive domesticated egos to express the true essence of who they are.

Relentlessly, life demands to be born.

So what do you do? You breathe through the process, one fierce breath at a time. You allow consciousness to move from darkness to light, not knowing what it will bring. This is the nature of things and of us. The will within your heart propels you forward into the unknown. You find yourself awake to newness, ready to embrace the adventure of living.

Life is a story slowly stitched together through the passage of time. Whether the narrative directs us, or we create it depends on how we choose to have our story written. But it is in its most basic essence a story waiting to be written. So is the week ahead as I stand at it’s threshold, Monday’s sun still rising between the trees. And the questions beckon from my quiet spaces:

How will I use this new birth? This moment? This day? This week?

How will you?

It feels good to breathe in freshness, to have purpose and to have life within me that needs creating.

So my wish for you is that this new week brings you this same freshness, sense of purpose and inspiration that it has brought me.

happy monday

A Greater Life Vision Beyond Your Circumstances

greater self

I came across this quote on twitter the other morning:

“God’s plans for your life far exceed the circumstances of your day.” ~ Louie Giglio

The truth of this quote resonated with me. When we face challenging circumstances that evoke harsh inner voices of self-doubt, criticism and fear or when the circumstances of the day stir up strong emotions of anger or pain – then you don’t always remember who you truly are, let alone the divine plans that the Universe is carving out with your soul.

So how do you move from you move away from your small/negative thoughts and reconnect with the bigger vision and purpose of your life? I ask myself this question each time I face a challenge. Sometimes I’d swear that I develop amnesia in the midst of certain emotional crises or life changes. For a moment, or even day, an invisible bump on the head seems to knock the spiritual sense out of me. As a consequence, I stumble into the darkness, becoming completely overwhelmed by thoughts and the emotions triggered by the situation.

Then I remember to centre myself. The moment I connect with that space of inner peace, calm befalls me. Pieces of the big picture are put into context. Instantly, I regain my memory and I understand that my Higher Self – the Divine spark within me – has already lived through this experience. I become aware that the light of love did not create this overwhelming experience. Giving power to fear-based and negative thoughts did.

Experience has shown me that the only way out of my challenge is to work through it, one loving breath at a time to create a shift. So in a moment of stillness, I breathe in and out, releasing my fears and my attachment to the egos voice, and choosing love instead. By surrendering in this way, something powerful takes place. Taking your faith away from your fear-based and negative thoughts and putting it back into love and light allows your Higher Self and Divine Spirit to flow in and show you the way forward.

By inviting Spirit into these moments, you become cognizant of the fact that you are also learning something valuable through these trials. That something is often preparing you to play the part of the ultimate role that you’re destined to embody. It is the role of your magnificent and best self. This is part of the greater vision for  your life.