Fresh Births and Purpose

Some mornings wear cloaks of silver dreams as they drift between the mystery of night and the azure skies of day. It’s a blessing to see time marching across the young sky like a newly hatched chick breaking through an egg shell. Births can be painful – delicate bodies bashed against jagged edges and bone as one tries to get to the other side. Or like little wild souls piercing through oppressive domesticated egos to express the true essence of who they are.

Relentlessly, life demands to be born.

So what do you do? You breathe through the process, one fierce breath at a time. You allow consciousness to move from darkness to light, not knowing what it will bring. This is the nature of things and of us. The will within your heart propels you forward into the unknown. You find yourself awake to newness, ready to embrace the adventure of living.

Life is a story slowly stitched together through the passage of time. Whether the narrative directs us, or we create it depends on how we choose to have our story written. But it is in its most basic essence a story waiting to be written. So is the week ahead as I stand at it’s threshold, Monday’s sun still rising between the trees. And the questions beckon from my quiet spaces:

How will I use this new birth? This moment? This day? This week?

How will you?

It feels good to breathe in freshness, to have purpose and to have life within me that needs creating.

So my wish for you is that this new week brings you this same freshness, sense of purpose and inspiration that it has brought me.

happy monday

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