The Unseen Thread of Mystery

I walked barefoot in the soft light of the rising sun, exploring this tiny corner of Earth I call my own. I opened my heart to connection – with Goddess and with the wild whispers of the garden. Would she grace me with her presence and the inspiration that I craved to satiate my ever seeking soul? Each morning I approach my practice with the hope and trust that it will be so.

As I looked around, receptive to what may come, I noticed a dead leaf dancing mid-air. Mysteriously. Fae-like. The breeze picked up and it spun and twirled like a ballerina in concert. I was confused for a moment, because I couldn’t figure out how this disembodied leaf seemed to dance mid-air in the same spot, unattached to any branch. I soon realised that it was swinging on a fine gossamer thread of a broken spider’s web. For that brief moment, when the science behind this dancing leaf that was held up by an unseen thread was unexplained, it was magic.

Sometimes Goddess is that invisible thread weaving miracles and blessings into our lives. It made me think about how we often want to understand the ‘how’ behind the magic. We can’t see how we will get from here to where we want to be. We don’t believe that certain things are possible for us, so we doubt. We forget that we don’t always have to know how or why. We forget that even when we can’t see the invisible thread, Goddess is pulling strings, building paths and highways to our dreams.

Life is an continuously unfolding story that we are writing with our souls. If you knew every twist and turn, the details of every moment and the outcome of every experience from the outset, would you still bother to write and live through a predictable plot? Most writers will tell you that the joy of the journey is in the mystery and the unknown  or often unexpected places that you are taken to in the process.

As this insight sank into my soul, the voice of wildness whispered: “There is an unseen world a work behind the scenes. Trust the hand that guides you, even when you don’t always know what to do next.”

frost webs

Closing Ceremony: Celebrating and Releasing the Year that has Been

How are you spending the last few days of 2014?

The last few days of the year are precious. I’ve learnt to spend them in an introspective space because it is a time to review what has been, to release the old and make room for the new.

As usual, Leonie Dawson’s Create Your Shining Life 2015 workbook is my companion at this time. It’s the perfect resource with which to review how 2014 has unfolded for you. The first section of the workbook includes a 2014 Closing Ceremony that I love because it’s a great way of taking stock of the blessings or achievements you have to celebrate, as well as what you need to release as the year comes to close.

In reviewing my own journey, there are a few experiences and lessons that stand out to me.

The spiritual lessons that I’m heeding: The lesson that I’ve been learning over and over again is to Surrender. Trust…and Flow. These three things have cropped up in all kinds of ways in the experiences and situations have have entered my life during the course of the year. Both my writing life and my conception journey have required my to relinquish my notions of control and to surrender, trust and flow instead. This wasn’t always easy to do, but each time I gave in to the reality of my situation and allowed Divine Spirit, Goddess and my wild essence to steer my forward, magic happened and new insights were uncovered.

The lowest low that I’m releasing: I’ve come to terms with my lowest low, which is having a miscarriage. It’s the most painful thing I’ve been through in a long while. It’s taken several months to reach a place of acceptance and to get back to the natural balance and joy of my inner essence. Anyone who’s battled with infertility knows that it isn’t easy. I’ve tried to keep my mind focused positivity on the fact that I actually got pregnant, which is a good sign that the health efforts and spiritual work I’ve been doing is working on some level. I just need to stick at it for a little longer and remember to keep getting out of my own way. I always go off track with my healthy eating and exercise routine in December, but today I am easing back onto the right path and I feel in my heart that my little miracles are coming my way pretty soon. So a ceremony of sorts is definitely in order to let it all go and to invite the possibility of fertility and childbearing in 2015.

Achievements I’m celebrating: Of course, my year has not passed without cause for celebration either.The thing that I’m most proud of is that this year I gave myself permission to focus more fully on my writing life. Doing so has opened so many incredible doors, all of which have reinforced that writing is a major part of what I’m meant to be doing with my life. After years of coming up with ideas and shelving files of half written stories and pieces, I’ve finally completed and published my book – Wild Essence. I’m blown away by the positive feedback I’ve been getting for the book too. I can’t explain how having this life long dream come into being has shaken my world. And I know there is so much more to come. That aside, I’ve done more freelance writing, guest posts and magazine articles this year too. One of the things that I wrote in my work book at the start of the year was to “get published in more anthologies”. Would you believe that this is exactly what happened? I’ve been included in two anthologies – one is Wild+Precious, which was compiled by Wild Sister Magazine, the other is called Spiritual Awakenings and will be launched soon.

How has 2014 treated you? And what are you celebrating and releasing as the year comes to a close? workbook