The Unseen Thread of Mystery

I walked barefoot in the soft light of the rising sun, exploring this tiny corner of Earth I call my own. I opened my heart to connection – with Goddess and with the wild whispers of the garden. Would she grace me with her presence and the inspiration that I craved to satiate my ever seeking soul? Each morning I approach my practice with the hope and trust that it will be so.

As I looked around, receptive to what may come, I noticed a dead leaf dancing mid-air. Mysteriously. Fae-like. The breeze picked up and it spun and twirled like a ballerina in concert. I was confused for a moment, because I couldn’t figure out how this disembodied leaf seemed to dance mid-air in the same spot, unattached to any branch. I soon realised that it was swinging on a fine gossamer thread of a broken spider’s web. For that brief moment, when the science behind this dancing leaf that was held up by an unseen thread was unexplained, it was magic.

Sometimes Goddess is that invisible thread weaving miracles and blessings into our lives. It made me think about how we often want to understand the ‘how’ behind the magic. We can’t see how we will get from here to where we want to be. We don’t believe that certain things are possible for us, so we doubt. We forget that we don’t always have to know how or why. We forget that even when we can’t see the invisible thread, Goddess is pulling strings, building paths and highways to our dreams.

Life is an continuously unfolding story that we are writing with our souls. If you knew every twist and turn, the details of every moment and the outcome of every experience from the outset, would you still bother to write and live through a predictable plot? Most writers will tell you that the joy of the journey is in the mystery and the unknown  or often unexpected places that you are taken to in the process.

As this insight sank into my soul, the voice of wildness whispered: “There is an unseen world a work behind the scenes. Trust the hand that guides you, even when you don’t always know what to do next.”

frost webs

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