How To Clear Space + Raise Your Vibe with Eucalyptus

I hope that this week has been gentle on you. Are you finding opportunities to nourish yourself in the way that you need? I hope so, because you deserve it.

Anyone who knows me will also know that I love gathering bits of the wild Earth to invite Nature into my home, sometimes for their aesthetic appeal, but mostly for the wild stories and sacred medicine that they carry.

Inviting Nature into my living and workspace has enriched my life in so many ways, and this has been especially true in the case of plants and flowers. For one, these beauties are scientifically proven to purify the air of toxins, lift our spirits and improve concentration or productivity. Also, if you’re a sensitive soul or empath who senses and works with energy (like me), then you’re likely to feel the uplifting, cleansing and balancing effect of having them in your space on both an energetic and an emotional level too.

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The other day, my husband came home with a freshly cut bunch of Eucalyptus. A neighbour’s tree was being trimmed so he gathered the bunch for me. (What a darling!) Eucalyptus has such a strong and refreshing scent and I love having it around me. Similar to white sage, indigenous healers in Australia are said to have used Eucalyptus as part of spiritual practices for smudging, clearing residual or stagnant energy, as well as for healing and protection. There’s definitely something soothing about its warming presence, its cleansing vibration and with autumn around the corner for those of us in the Southern hemisphere it is a welcome ally to keep colds and flu at bay.

I’m always looking for interesting ways to surround myself with supportive energies – things that I can lean on to pick me up when I fall low vibe patterns or am feeling a little down and stuck. I like knowing that I’m surrounded by things that are working their magic to restore me even when I don’t have the presence of mind to focus consciously on doing so. Each time I’ve gotten a bunch of Eucalyptus, I’ve noticed a definite shift. My head is clearer, the space brightens up and I feel its energizing influence in the different corners of my home. So today, I decided to share a few ideas on how you can use fresh or dried eucalyptus to clear your space and raise your vibration.

Eucalyptus how to

5 Ways to Use Eucalyptus to Clear Space and Raise Your Vibe

1. Ask for Help with Your Intention: When you bring a bunch of Eucalyptus into your home or workspace, its worth taking a few moments to connect with it intuitively. Focus on the intention you’d like it to fulfil, request its assistance and visualise it sending balancing energy into your space. Set the intention to be open to receiving its healing.

2. Eucalyptus Bunch Vase: Set a nice fresh bunch of eucalyptus twigs in a vase on your desk, coffee table or in a room that suites you and then leave it be as it fills the space with fragrant and healing vibes. A simple thing like having a vase of eucalyptus twigs on my writing desk gets stagnant energy to flow and works wonders for my concentration, which in turn has a positive effect on my productivity.

eucalyptus bunch vase

3. Make a Eucalyptus Wall Hanger: This is a fun and creative way to use Eucalyptus twigs. You can either tie a bunch of twigs on a string, then hang it up on the wall in your home the same way you’d hang drying herbs, or you can get a bit more creative and make something more pretty or decorative. This is a nice way to engage your creative feminine qualities, as well as have the eucalyptus in your space and allow its fragrance and uplifting medicine to disperse throughout the room.

4. Make a Eucalyptus Smudge: Since it has the same kind of cleansing properties as sage, you can use it to make a smudge stick and then burn the smudge to clear the space (find out how to make a smudge stick here). Alternatively, a simpler option is to gather a few dried Eucalyptus leaves and burn them as incense. Some forward warning for those who don’t like strong smells – like any smudge, the fumes are pretty strong. So use in small amounts if this is an issue for you.

5. Take a Eucalyptus Shower: String a bunch of Eucalyptus up on your shower head. When you take a shower, the refreshing fragrance fills the space. As soon as the water runs over the eucalyptus, its healing oils are released from the leaves. Eucalyptus oils are used in various vapour rubs and flu meds, so this form of aromatic therapy promotes health, especially in the winter months. In my personal experience, having eucalyptus in the shower also helps open up my sinuses.

eucalyptus shower2

One thought on “How To Clear Space + Raise Your Vibe with Eucalyptus

  1. Joyce Holden Wheeler

    Thank you for this info, I just got done mediating. During the meditation one of my guides covered me in mud and then eucalyptus leaves. He said it would cleanse and energize my spirit. Because I never heard of this of course I had to look and see. Sure enough various articles/blogs stated what my guide had said, but your blog really caught my interest. I have been trying to pin with no success, so sad, namaste.

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