A letter from the Heart….

Dear Friends,

I know that things haven’t exactly worked out as you would have liked. I know that you are also struggling to find strength and hope to keep moving forward. What I need you to know is that as difficult as it seems right now, you have the inner strength to pull you through to the other side. And when you are connected to your own inner strength, remember that you can call on your Spirit to help guide and carry you through.

Everything happens for a reason. You have heard it said that life would not have thrown curves your way if you could not handle it. This is true.  Yes, all you want is peace, a place to lie down and rest. You long for a life of gentle experiences, serenity, harmony and bliss. But sometimes we hold too small a vision for ourselves. You see, the Universe has a bigger vision for you and your purpose on this Earth. And so it brings challenging experiences to you to shake your world up a little. This is not to punish you, but to help you grow into a greater version of yourself.

Remember to be kind to yourself. If you need to grieve what is lost, then do so. Allow yourself the time to heal your fragile heart. Forgive yourself for where you feel you have failed both yourself and others. Forgive others for the pain they have caused you. Know that we are all doing the best that we can.

The other day I saw a quote that read ‘Things will get better, even if it isn’t today…it will eventually.’ This rings true to many of our difficult experiences. Even when we think our heart is breaking under the weight of the sorrow we feel in the moment, this too shall pass. For now, just take a deep breath and keep breathing through the moment, as one minute passes for the next to arrive. Take your time and breath, release and then when you are ready, move forward one step at a time on your path to a fresh start. Remember to call on Universe’s help every step of the way.

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