How Time Travel can Soothe Your Soul

*This post was inspired by my connection with my own Higher Self, as well as by my sci-fi fanatic husband who often ropes me into watching weird and wonderful sci-fi movies.


spirit knows

She is gentle, yet radiant. I don’t have to see her face to know that she is smiling. I can almost feel her touch my shoulder as her calm, nurturing and uplifting energy envelops me.

Her words soothe me.

“Relax dear one, I am here for you now,” she whispers.

Her words are so soft they feel like fluffy clouds caressing my heart.

“There is no need to fret. Nor is there reason to rush. You have already reached your destiny.”

“But how do you know?” I asked

“Darling, I am here and I am all the proof that you need. Trust dear one.”

In my mind’s eye, I have a clear vision of her resting her head on mine. The love of her presence wraps around me.

“For now, all you need to do is trust and breathe through it all. Even when you can’t see how you are going to get through it all, trust that you already have,” she says.

Once again I feel comforted. I am able to be at peace in the moment. She always knows what to say to put things into perspective. She is my Higher Self.

Your Higher Self is your consciousness that is tuned in to the Divine intelligence of the universe. Connected with the Higher Self, infinite wisdom and love flows through you. Your Higher Self is also an expert time traveller who is able to consciously connect to the future. This Divine counterpart of your being has already lived through the experience, reached your ultimate destination of each potential future you can inhabit. While meeting the future self is not necessarily a scene out of Star Trek, he/she can help you get a glimpse of the YOU who is a published author, or who is married to their soul-mate, who is mothering three children, who lives in your dream house in Hawaii, who runs a successful business, or who is living the very dream that you are striving towards.  The future self therefore has an understanding of information that you may not be able to see clearly right now.

Forming a dialogue with your future self is an amazing process that often reveals profound insight. Each time I have connected with my future self, the guidance offered has helped me figure out how to be present with what is. Communicating with your future self is especially handy for anyone who feels stuck and has lost hope of where they are heading. You are bound to find the reassurance and direction that you need. Often the guidance that comes is not exactly a step by step 5 year plan, but it will definitely help you see the best way to move from this moment to the next. As you keep putting one foot in front of the other and flow with the whispers of Spirit, you move that much closer to where you want to be. With the bigger picture in mind, you are better able to accept yourself and where you are on your journey right now. It becomes easy to understand the nature of Divine timing and value the lessons and resources that you are gathering along the way.



” Gosh that takes me back… or is it forward? That’s the trouble with time travel, you never can tell.” ~ Doctor Who


Accessing Your inner Time Traveller

♥     Fortunately, this journey does not require a big time machine or the Tardis from Doctor Who. All that you require to travel across time and space is a peaceful meditative space and a little dose of imagination. Here are some suggestions:

♥     Take a few deep breaths, let go of your thoughts and allow yourself to become centred in a meditative state for a few moments.

♥     Invite your Higher Self to be present with you. Feel the energy of their presence. What does it feel like? What do you see in your mind’s eye? It is likely that you will feel a deep sense of love and compassion.

♥     Focus on a situation that you need assistance with, or a question that you would like to ask for guidance. Ask your Higher Self this question.

♥     Allow yourself to be open without any attachment to the outcome. Welcome any guidance or words that they have to share. Listen to what comes.

♥     Pay attention to the guidance that you receive and write it down so that you remember it.


You can also keep a journal specifically for communicating with your Higher Self/future self. I have one where I write letters from my future self. I am often amazed at how much of the wisdom I’ve receive through these letters has come to pass when I reflect back on them.


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