Make Your life a Message of Love and Inspiration

Our purpose is not only to follow our path and be who we are, but also to have a positive impact on those around us in the process. Think of how you feel when you meet someone who inspires you. What kind of emotions do larger than life or successful people stir in you? Think of your favourite spiritual teacher or author. This people inspire us just by living their purpose and making the choice to follow their joy. You hold the same potential within you. Living your path inspires others to do the same.


I believe that one of our ultimate aspirations is to touch others lives in a meaningful way and inspire them. We are one big human family. Everyone could use a little bit of inspiration now and then. Sometimes people just need someone to acknowledge them, to listen to them and to remind them of their own inner power. Other times they need food, shelter, education and practical resources.

What can you do to inspire your family and friends? How can you serve the people in your community? How can you make an impact on people or children in dire need?

A simple action has the power to cause a ripple of positive change. That action can be as small as offering a smile and a kind word, buying someone their favourite flowers or sharing a beautiful poem with them. You could help a child get an education, help out at a homeless centre or do something as drastic as travelling to places devastated be poverty, suffering or war to volunteer. It doesn’t matter how big or small the action is. The influence that it has is magnificent. This is the power that you have. Use it.


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