Deer Medicine: A Gentle Spirit Guide

Deer spirit energy has been finding its way into my life for more than a month now.

A while ago, I sat down to pray and meditate in a moment of vulnerability. Frustrated by stagnated projects, unclear on what directions to take to moved forward and uncertain about what the future held, I’d become despondent.

After sending out a prayer asking for guidance, I waited, open and receptive to whatever answers were willing to come.  In my mind’s eye, I saw a deer standing in a lush enchanting forest. It looked directly at me. Unsure of what this image meant, I drew a card from my Goddess Guidance oracle card deck. Behold, there on the Artemis card stood a deer in the background. Deep emotions stirred within me. My eyes filled with tears. The message was now clear – Don’t worry about the future, you are safe and all is well. That moment of affirmation that your pray has been heard is so precious.



Deer have been showing up in my space since. Not the physical animal. We don’t get them here in South Africa. We have all kinds of antelope, but no deer. The deer spirit energy has surface in oracle cards, images, in décor magazines, in shops, in blogs and books that I read and all kinds of places. The mark of Divine synchronicity at play. Isn’t that how it goes when you are open? You notice fanatically and signs appear at every corner.

Deer medicine keeps whispering to me to be gentle with myself, to be patient with the process, to reconnect with innocence and to be receptive to magical mysteries of life.

And the more I do so, the more things seem to fall together.

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