Rewilding the Spirit

What makes you feel free and uninhibited? Run towards it….


In Stillness Speaks, Eckhart Tolle wrote that by stepping into stillness ‘you become present’ and ‘you step out of thousands of years of collective human conditioning.’ Our conditioning is so layered and influences our beliefs about ourselves and about the world. From a young age we become domesticated and taught to act in certain ways.

Walking a spiritual path has been a re-wilding of sorts. It is an un-taming of the domesticated heart and restoring the soul to its freest and most natural form. It is a process of unlearning what is unnatural and remembering what is true.

We were born to be wild, unique and expressive beings. The barriers of conditioning only cage you creative essence and snuff out your incredible spirit.

What stands in the way of you being who you are fully?

Release it. Walk away from it. Loosen its grips. And set your spirit free.

Each day, the Great Mother brings me new insights about re-wilding my own spirit. Stepping into the stillness of Nature and has been a doorway to reuniting with my authentic self and undoing years of conditioning. The wilderness mirrors that wild unbridled spirit within us.

By breaking down the barriers that we have been taught to build around your wild and instinctive self, a powerful ocean of Spirit will reclaim its place in your life, just as the ocean waters wash over a de-constructed pier no longer serving a purpose, repossessing its rightful space.

Abandon those piers, those preconceived perceptions of who you should be and how your life should be lived.

You are free to choose a different path, one where you can dive deep into a life rich with Spirit, Mystery and the beauty of your true essence.  

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