Reclaim Your Inner Wilderness with SPIRIT WILDING eCOURSE


I’ve come to love the word WILD. It touches something within that brings me closer to my instinctual and natural self. It also reminds me that I am Goddess made and part of the wild Earth.

For many years, I heard whispers stirring in me like quiet echoes sounding in my heart. They were subtle, soft and mysterious, yet there was something wild and unbridled about them. The whispers were never demanding.

They were gentle and asked only little things of me. Things like, “Love yourself.” “Nurture your soul.” “Create sacred spaces to invite Spirit in.” “Seek the mystery in all things and allow it to fill your heart.” “Come out into the garden barefoot after the rain. Feel the damp earth against your soles.”

After a while I began to realize that this was the voice of my Wild Feminine Soul, or the Wild Mother as Mandy Steward calls it. Each time I followed its prompts I felt nurtured as my inner essence grew. 

Then, two years ago, the voice became louder. It began asking big things of me. It asked me to walk away. Away from a stressful job in a toxic environment. Away from things and people that did not serve me. Away from whatever doused the fire of my Spirit. It asked me to walk forward. Towards creating an authentic life aligned to the purpose and desires of my wild soul.

So I gathered my courage and began walking away from all that stifled my essence. I began walking forward towards what Mary Oliver described as my “ONE WILD AND PRECIOUS LIFE.” It wasn’t easy. I didn’t always understand what was going on. Sometimes I lost my sense of direction. And it triggered the need to do some intense inner healing. In a previous blog post, Re-wilding the Spirit, I mentioned how embarking on my spiritual journey was essentially a form of re-wilding. This is because it has meant unlearning years of conditioning and its resultant limiting beliefs, and unshackling the chains of domestication that have restrained my wild soul. In the past couple of years this has been truer than ever.

The process of undoing and redefining led me into a deep study of my inner wilds and ideas of wilderness. I’ve been exploring what it is and what it means to me. Along the way I deepened my soul connection to Goddess and the Earth, who have come to my aid with profound lessons and guidance each time I’ve asked how to keep releasing the barriers that restrain and suppress my natural essence. Guidance on how to find ways not only to journey deeper into the vast untouched expanses of my inner wilderness, but also how to maintain my connection with this place by giving it room in my daily life.

Naturally, as a Spiritual teacher, I have a deep desire to share my experiences and lessons with others, in the hope that it will inspire them on their own journey. So right now, I am very excited to be gathering my lessons and preparing to share them through a new e-course that I will be offering – SPIRIT WILDING. I’d like to invite you to come along for the journey.

SPIRIT WILDING is an INVITATION to COME HOME TO YOUR SPIRIT and RECLAIM YOUR INNER WILDERNESS –the wild, radiant, instinctual essence of who you really are. 

But that’s not all. I’m having a 50% off Early Bird Special if you book before 31st March 2014. Want to find out more? Then visit my website for details.

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