3 Reasons why I love this time of the year….

My husband and I shared a special moment…

Last Friday, when a peacock showed up on our outing to an aquarium park and left a beautiful feather for us. Peacocks are a symbol of love and marriage in some cultures. We had peacock theme for our wedding invitation and I had peacock feathers in my bouquet. It was special because we were celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. We were reminded of how blessed we are to share the love that we do and that Divine Spirit and the angels are always helping on our journey. I love that the festive season kicks off on the 20th December each year when my husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary. It sets a beautiful tone for the rest of the season.  

I enjoyed celebrating the cycles of Great Mother Nature….

With the solstices on the 21st December. Be it the winter solstice or the summer solstice, I love feeling part of something sacred and having the opportunity to connect with Nature, honour her cycles, recognize how they affect us, and to engage in ceremony. Last year my husband and I spent our anniversary and the summer solstice exploring ancient stone ruins. This year was a bit low keep, but just as special.

I’m looking forward to the madness…

Of our traditional family Christmas. Sometimes we have a big Christmas where the entire family gets together. Other times, we simply have Christmas with the family who live close by. For the last couple years, we’ve celebrated at my aunt’s house, and we’ll be doing the same again this year. She lives in a town about an hour away from me. This period is always filled with cooking, Christmas music, mince pies, presents, loads off laugher and family games. My favourite thing is lounging by the pool and swimming after the big Christmas lunch.

These are the times of our lives that make up incredible memories when we look back on our lives. We are reminded to rekindle our sense of generosity, and the days filled with precious moments and reasons to be grateful. What’s not to love about it. 

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