New Healing Moments eBook Now available for purchase

Hi Beautiful Souls! I am happy to announce that my HEALING MOMENTS ebook is now available for purchase. 

 Launch Special: $4.44 (usual price $9.99)

 Healing Moments: Breathe. Be Present & Allow a Healing Shift to Unfold

Harness the power of words, invite Celestial healing and connect with the energy of Mother Earth. This book is a compilation of 53 Healing Moments to help facilitate inner peace, healing and shifts to a positivity . The book is divided into three sections, which include Magical Healing Mantras, short channelled Angel Healing meditations, as well as Gaia Healing meditations. The Healing Moments are an opportunity to breathe, be present and allow miraculous healing shifts to unfold.

 Click here to visit my online shop to buy now:

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