Sunsets, closure and ceremony

Endings seem to be a theme for contemplation of late. Tomorrow’s full moon marks the completion of a cycle. With virtually 2 weeks to go, 2013 is coming to a close soon too. Endings are inevitable. Facing its finality can be hard at times, depending on the circumstances. It can take time to grieve what is lost.

This weekend reminded me of the power that ceremony has in helping us to release what is no longer. Graduations make the end of schooling or college life. Funerals and memorials help us release souls who have passed on. A friend who travelled to Greece once told me of how the people in the village that she visited would stop what they were doing in the late afternoon and come together with a glass of wine to watch the sunset. I though that this was the most beautiful ceremony to make the end of the day. Ceremony brings about a sense of closure to whatever sunset we are facing. By symbolically letting go, we let go mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. It allows us the opportunity to review the past objectively, to appreciate the highlights and become aware of mistakes.

With this in mind, Leonie Dawson’s Create Your Amazing Year 2014 workbooks came the perfect time. For the past week I’ve been working through the 2013 Closing Ceremony section of the both the Life and the Biz editions of these workbooks. They have been the perfect companion for reviewing the past year, celebrating my blessings and achievements as well as releasing the challenges and negative experiences.


Doing this review process has brought so many incredible insights. I’ve realised just how blessed I am to have so many of my dreams come true. I’ve also realised just how strong I am, stronger than I’d imagined. There were moments when I thought my life was falling apart, yet I lived through those challenges and have come out in one beautiful piece on the other side of it all.

Having engaged in this ceremony of releasing and celebrating the past, I feel closure. I also feel a freshness and spiritual spaciousness that I believe is making room for the newness to enter – new blessings, new experiences and a new year.

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