Releasing 2013 and Making Room for New Miracles in 2014

Have you been finding ways to release the past year? 

The Waning Moon has set the perfect ambiance to release 2013. Its energy brings not only the opportunity to release, but also to pause and reflect before a new cycle begins to flow again. The days after Christmas and between New Year have been quiet, peaceful and pensive ones.  It is also a good time for smudge out any stagnant energy.

What do you want to manifest in the year to come?

2014 is bound to get off to an incredible start. The New Moon falls on the 1st of January. Since the New Moon energy is all about focusing intentions and planting new seeds for all the beautiful things that you want to manifest in your life, this is nothing less than perfect timing.

I have such a good feeling about the year to come. In 2013, us Earth Angels, Lightworkers and Starseeds have gone through so many energy shifts. We have broken through barriers and dropped into our shadows. We have been tested in so many ways, forced to draw on our inner resources and discovered just how strong we actually are by overcoming the challenges we faced. There may have been intense moments that left some of us discombobulated. But that aside, we’ve also experienced profound spiritual epiphanies, downloads and saw miracles take place in our lives.

As always, there are yet more changes and shifts to come. Something tells me that there are also even bigger blessings and miraculous experiences in the works too.

I am looking forward to it. But that will happen when the time arrives. For now, the present moment is just as juicy. Soaking in to what Marissa of Moondaughter calls the ‘ebb energy’ of the waning moon, I am content, feeling grounded, connected to the calming energy of the Great Mother and enjoying having a rest before things pick up again.   


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