A Time for Rest

The whispers of the Earth are soft and delicate today. I woke up to the sound of delicate raindrops singing a sweet lullaby after weeks of a persistent heat wave. I feel called me to slow down, to be and to allow.



It is tempting to give in to the urge for constant doing, giving and taking action, especially with a whole year of hard work line up for me. The need to get things done and to achieve more is ever present. But I am learning to heed the subtle nudges of my deep feminine essence, nudges that says:

“Be still for a moment. Rest, release and debrief for just a little while before the mad rush starts all over again.”

Through valuable lessons gathered in Marissa of Moondaughter’s Luna Flow e-course, I am learning to ride the ebb energy of the waning moon a lot better these days.

Our activity oriented masculine half serves its purpose well when it comes co-creating the beautiful dreams and visions we have for our lives. Factoring in the tender feminine self encourages receptivity and restoration, things that are equally as important. It facilitates self-care and allows one to heed the guidance of intuition. It brings about a greater sense of balance, restores the soul and replenishes our energy.

So today, I am simply breathing through the quiet restorative task that nurture my Spirit and foster deep relaxation. I am letting go of what needs to depart from my life and allowing my intuition to steer the course.

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