A Cloudy day and the week ahead

What are your intentions for the week? How will you factor in the things that serve your life purpose and fill you with inspiration and joy?

My focus for the week is on writing. There is something about a cloud day that awakens the writer in me. The rain brings a certain stillness. I sit listening of the sound of raindrops, the feel of their wetness, the scent of their freshness.  I have no idea why, but my creativity seems to flow better in weather like this – cloudy or rainy. It also seems draws out the wild woman in me. The woman who loves going on nature walks in the soft summer rain. The woman who loves to blow bubbles and watch them rise and float, unscathed by the falling drops. The woman who turns the lights of at night, opens the curtains and just sits watching the lightening as the heavens soak the Earth. In those moments, the power of the Goddess is so alive and vibrant.

So much is on the cards this week…

Firstly, this week, I am looking forward to sharing a guest post from Molly, the owner of the Woodspriests blog. I simply love her writing, the poetry and the experiences and insights she shares about connecting to the woods, Gaia and Goddess wisdom. I am thrilled to have her contribute on my blog.  

I’m currently hard at work, putting together the new Gaia Flow e-course that I plan to launch in March this year. This four week e-course is designed for women. It is an invitation to come home to yourself, deepen your connection to Spirit, tap into your Divine feminine aspect, as well as contact your inner Wild woman.  I am pretty excited about the course and can’t wait to share it with everyone once I’d done.

I’ve also been selected to contribute to a new book anthology that will include a collection of spiritual awakening stories that is set to be release in June 2014. So, I’m truly grateful that I’ll get to write and share my own story, my spiritual journey and the role the a deep connection with the Earth played in it. 

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