Giveaway – Two Spots in the Spirit Wilding eCourse

Have you signed up for the Spirit Wilding eCourse yet? There isn’t much time left, as we are kicking off next Monday, 28th April 2014. Registration closes this Saturday, so if you are interested in coming along for the journey, you only have a few days left to sign up. I’m pretty excited about this course and look forward to connecting with those of you who are participating.

I’ve decided to offer two spots in the course to a couple of the subscribers to my blog and website. The criteria to win one of the spots in the Spirit Wilding eCourse are pretty simple:

1.)    All you need is to be a subscriber, and

2.)    Comment on this blog post, telling me one thing that makes you feel free, wild and connected to your inner Wild Spirit.

Names of the winners will be announced on Friday, 25th April 2014.



8 thoughts on “Giveaway – Two Spots in the Spirit Wilding eCourse

  1. Estellise

    Being in Nature. No matter how crazy or odd things are, after a little while in Nature, I feel recharged and clearer. The more present, the better.

  2. Jessie

    standing barefoot on the soft sand of a beach, with the wind teasing at my hair, and the smell of the sea in my breath, and the sussurating sounds of the surf caressing at my ears…

  3. Abagael

    Being outside, or working with flowers. Anything with real flowers I guess. =) I also feel really free and connected to my spirit when I’m taking photographs of nature. But flowers truly change everything.

  4. Jodi Sky Rogers

    Thank you so much for participating beautiful souls! I’ve used my divining rods to intuitively select the winners. The two people who have won a spot in are Ingrid Spies and Jenmuirvs!

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