Of Gossamer Cities and Dreams

Mystery finds me at the first rays of dawn, laying down a carpet of dew beneath my feet. The sun awakens later these days. I rise later too. I find myself more reluctant to get out of bed as winter in the Southern Hemisphere draws nearer.

The wild stories of autumn have been interesting. Gossamer threads of webs glisten in the light of this new day. There have so many spiders lately, taking over the like true artists and architects building giant web dynasties. Each day I discover new webs, some days they stretch across the entire garden. Each one is more ambitious than the last. It’s beautiful and unnerving at the same time.

A part of me wants these architects of gossamer cities to teach me how to build my dreams with such determination and the clear vision of a mastermind, just as they do. There are so many of them in my heart that still need to find their way into reality. When I contemplate this, a little voice whispers: “Just let your heart guide you, put one foot in front of the other and take one step after the next. Before you know it, you will walked a mile and left a trail of gossamer dynasties of your own.”

I love the simplicity that wild whispers and spirit guidance offer. My mind over thinks and complicates things, making life’s problems appear bigger than what they are. But as I surrender to the flow of the Universe and listen to the Earth’s wild whispers, I’m finding it easier to ease into the mystical rhythm of grace.


One thought on “Of Gossamer Cities and Dreams

  1. Anne Linn

    I love what you said about building our dreams with the same determination as the spider that made those gossamer threads. I love what that little voice whispered to you. It’s something my own inner voice has been telling me, and it involves faith and patience.

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