A Quiet and Graceful Start

I woke up to the sound of rain, the soft soothing summer kind that I love so much and often write about. The grey gloomy sky seemed to wrap itself around my heart and the wind whispered little secrets of the good things set to come as this New Year slowly starts to unfold. I watched the rain through the window for a while, the soft white sheer curtains of my bedroom blowing gently to and fro. This dreamy scene is the first of my wild blessing that I‘ve recorded and placed into my wild blessing box.

I will never understand what it is about this wetness, this greyness and this dreaminess that moves me so. Perhaps it transports me to a space between the veils where magic is alive, Spirit dances and all things are possible. So what can I do other than rest in a place of quiet awe, grateful for the stillness and enchantment?

When the rain died down, I wrapped myself in a white cotton shawl that I bought in the Karoo on our recent trip there, and then went out into the garden to pick some herbs for my morning tea. There are few things more precious than the feel of wet grass under my feet. Or the feeling that comes with connecting the herbs, harvesting leaves and flowers of these plant allies that I’ve been tending to and taking little bits of their medicine into my body. Today, I felt called to draw in the healing energies of red clover flowers, stevia and yarrow.

emerge card

I draw my first card for the year from my new Little Sage oracle deck. The card that came up was EMERGE. I think it’s a lovely message for today. It speaks of change, transformation and emergence.

“Just like the butterfly that starts its journey in a different form, you too are transitioning and emerging from one period to the next. Change is here and, through this growth, you blossom and grow,” it says.

For some reason I imagined that I’d gone into a cocoon in one form last night and emerged from my slumber in a new form this morning. What a strange thought. One thing is for sure though, the past year has definitely been one of change and transitioning, with me getting to the core of who I am and what it is that my soul aches for. I’ve been pulling away the layers and witnessing the dormant threads of my wild essence return to me. I am curious to see what more of my essence emerges from the dark spiral caves to return to the light as 2015 moves on.

When the kettle boiled and I’d done steeping the herbs for my tea, I grabbed a few star-shaped soetkoekies to have with my tea and hopped back into bed. Soetkoekies are traditional South African biscuits, usually had at Christmas. They are so buttery and delicious. It’s probably not the best thing for me, but I figured I might as well enjoy a few before returning to my sugar free healthy eating plan.


In bed, I sipped my tea and caught up with reading some of my favourite blogs. All the while my husband lay still sleeping and apart from the soft sound of dripping water the world around me lay quiet for a long time too. I kept thinking that these kinds of moments of quiet peace and simplicity are all one could ever ask for on a morning like this.

Thank you Goddess for the blessing of a quiet and graceful new beginning.

5 thoughts on “A Quiet and Graceful Start

  1. sarah

    so beautiful. happy new year! i love the rain too, and the wet grass; and i love the idea of walking into your garden to gather herbs for tea.

  2. vicky3619

    Just found your blog recently and I’m so happy I did ! This post particularly spoke to me. Wishing you all the best for the magical year ahead ! 🙂

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