A Reason to Love Yourself

I sat soaking in the whispers of the warm spring breeze. I ask Goddess for some guidance. Then I listened, open to receiving and waited while the dappled morning sun rays danced between the lightly swaying leaves that cast splays of shadows and light onto me. And when I’d sunk deep into that wild and peaceful space, I felt her, a wave of warm love flowing through me.

Answers came from somewhere in that subtle place of overwhelming peace.

Love yourself. You carry a piece of me in you.

If you reject yourself, you are rejecting me. If you want to embrace my presence fully, then you have to embrace, love and accept yourself whole-heartedly.

Remember…you are a precious vessel thoughtfully crafted to house a piece of Divine within. So stop asking what is wrong with you and focus instead on what is right with you. Focus on each detail of your being that was created from a place of loving consciousness.

I let these words sink in and allowed their wisdom to unfold. Simple and familiar words that seemed to hit home in a deeper way today, giving me a reason to love myself.

How to you love yourself? What brings your attention back to the details of your being that were created from a place of Divine loving consciousness?

Love yourself

5 thoughts on “A Reason to Love Yourself

  1. Anne Linn

    Oh thank you for writing this Jodi. This really struck something in me, about having to love myself, because the Goddess is in me, and if I reject myself I also reject her. This is powerful. I feel I need to reflect on it more deeply.

    1. Jodi Sky Rogers

      Thanks Anne. The concept of self love is basic, yet difficult to apply. It amazes me sometimes that the same message delivered in new ways seem to move me to understand it in a new way.

      1. Anne Linn

        Yes, it’s something I keep hearing about, and I want to love myself, but it’s been hard to give myself permission. But I like that it might be a way to honor the Goddess, and bring me closer to her.

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